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Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm / Sunday: Closed
2 Gallions Road Greenwich SE7 7FU
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About Us

Founded in 2023, Smilespark Dental Practice is a brand new private dental practice in Greenwich, London. We aspire to provide trusted, affordable dental care, cosmetic dentistry practices, and emergency dental services for patients of all ages in a state-of-the-art dental practice.


As a patient centred dental practice, we want to make the patient’s treatment journey as comfortable and accessible as possible. In your every interaction with us, whether it is booking an appointment, sitting in the waiting area, or receiving treatments, we make sure that you have a pleasant experience and receive the care you deserve.

We are proud to make our Happy Clients and Healthy Smiles

What does a patient centred practice mean for you?

Our Practice

A patient centred dental practice begins with the design and layout of our practice. It is designed to create a welcoming, pleasant and comforting environment.

Our practice is wheelchair accessible. We have parking facilities for up to 4 hours. You can help yourself with hot drinks in our special seating area. We have an in-house photo studio to capture your smile and ensure that we remember and recognise you next time you walk into our practice.

Our brand-new dental practice is equipped with the latest technology in dentistry and has facilities for invasive treatments, minor surgeries like implants, surgical extractions etc.

Smilespark is a digital dental practice. What this means is you will receive faster treatments with fewer visits in a relaxed environment and you will be more likely to be satisfied with the treatment you receive.

iTero Intraoral Scanner takes 3D impressions of your teeth and gums.
How does digital dentistry work?

Digital Dentistry

Digital workflow in a dental practice starts with the patient’s individual anatomy. A 3D intraoral scanner is used to capture scans of the patient’s mouth digitally. This replaces the traditional method of taking manual impressions with fast and accurate digital impressions.

What are the benefits of digital impressions?

Firstly, it reduces the risks and uncertainties associated with manual impressions. It provides higher accuracy, and precision at every stage of the treatment workflow.

Secondly, digital impressions reduce the stressful and uncomfortable experience of traditional dental care. This is particularly important in certain treatments in which taking an accurate impression manually would take numerous attempts.

Thirdly, we have a paper free practice for the entirety of your treatment journey with us. This allows us to reduce paper waste and minimise carbon footprint. More importantly, it increases our efficiency so that you can receive your treatment faster.

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Our Professional Team

Our patient centred approach also extends to the team at Smilespark. We firmly believe that a good team spirit and being able to work coherently is essential for patient centred care.

Our team has a strong expertise in dental treatment and surgery with an average of 10 years of experience in private dentistry. Our team members own and run dental practices in metropolitan cities of Turkey such as Istanbul and Antalya, and worked in UK dental clinics for many years. They are fully informed by the latest technologies in dental care.

They have treated thousands of patients by providing high quality dental care and treatments expected from a private dental practice, ranging from basic preventive care to complex orthodontic, endodontic and surgical cases such as implants, fixed and removable braces.

Our team has strong communication skills and is able to provide dental services in English, Turkish, Dutch and Russian. They have skills to build good relations with patients. Their ability to create a comforting and welcoming environment for patients where they can receive high-quality treatment is our team’s ultimate aim.


As a patient centred practice, we ensure that our patients’ needs are central to the dental care we offer. We provide personalised dental treatments. This approach aims to create a dental care that is tailored to your needs and expectations, and affordable.

Your dental treatment journey with us

1- You an appointment for an initial consultation.

2- You come to our dental practice and is welcomed by one of the friendly team members at the reception.

3- You are handed a tablet to fill out your registration forms.

4- You take a seat in the waiting area and relax while enjoying your drink from the snack corner and fill in the forms if necessary.

5- You are assisted by one of our team members to the photo studio. Patient’s photos are taken with their consent to ensure that we remember and recognise our patient next time they walk into our practice.

6- You are taken to the X-Ray room to have your X-rays are taken as indicated by the consulting dentist.

7- You meet your dentist. The consulting dentist finishes the consultation with a detailed clinical examination.

8- The consulting dentist creates a treatment plan with possible alternatives, if applicable. You may want to take a seat in the resting area during this process depending on the extent of the treatment plan.

9- The treatment care coordinator discusses the treatment plan and options with you, including the cost of the treatment and payment methods.

10- Your next appointment is booked. You leave the practice with the feeling that your needs are prioritised and you are offered the best care possible.

11- You visit the practice for your planned treatment, making use of up to 4-hour free parking of M&S opposite us.

12- Our friendly member of staff recognises you and welcomes kindly.

13- You take a seat in the waiting area and make yourself comfortable.

14- Your treatment is carefully carried out by our professional dental team.

15- You make an appointment for the next treatment if not done already and leave to come back for the next appointment.

16- Steps 10-14 will repeat until the patient’s treatment plan is completed.

17-After the last treatment appointment, the patient makes their routine 6 monthly dental check-up appointments, which are amenable until 24h pre-appointment time.

We offer a wide range of dental care to fulfil all the needs of our patients, from family check-ups, and general routine dentistry to more extensive and comprehensive surgical treatments.

Our more extensive treatments include a complete restoration of worn and deteriorated dentition by using the latest technology and techniques. Our clinic also offers cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening, veneers, composite bonding, smile makeovers, and cosmetic surgery.

You can find more information about our dental treatments and services here.

Affordable private dental care

At Smilespark, we want to make private dental care accessible and affordable. We have different dental treatment packages and membership deals to suit your needs. We offer dental finance. For more information about our fees, please click here.

We know that you can be busy during the day, so we have long working hours with appointments at Saturdays. We provide emergency dental care at night or weekends when you need it. Same day appointments can also be arranged on request.

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