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Your perfect smile is an appointment away

After months of planning and hard work, as Smilespark Dental Practice, we are happy to welcome you to our brand-new dental clinic in Greenwich, London.


Our clinic is the result of our teams’ years of experience in dentistry and is equipped with the latest technology in dentistry. It is designed as a patient-centred clinic to make your treatment as comfortable and accessible as possible.

What this means is in every interaction with us, whether it is booking an appointment, sitting in the waiting area, or receiving treatments, you will have a pleasant experience and receive the care you deserve. We aspire to provide trusted, affordable dental care, cosmetic dentistry practices, and emergency dental services for patients of all ages in a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Greenwich, London.


We offer a free initial consultation for Invisalign Treatment and have various treatment plans and packages for families and individuals. We provide emergency dental care at night or on weekends when you need it. Same-day appointments can also be arranged on request. If you need emergency dental treatments, please call our team of specialist dentists today.

If you have any questions about our clinic or how we can help you with the dental problems you are having, please don’t hesitate to book a consultation in our clinic.

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